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Stereotypes form at an early age: this is a picture of me and my twin brother at our baptism. I am held by my godmother, dressed in pink. He is held by his godfather, dressed in blue. Later on, he studied engineering. I studied social science. I still ended up in the tech sector, but this path is far from linear for many women.

A few days ago, I conducted a small focus group with four young girls aged 16–18 to serve as input for some of the work we’re doing with 2hearts to support children and young adults from underprivileged backgrounds in finding a career path into the tech world.

When it comes to creating access, especially for young women from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds, five things stood out to me. …

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The bliss and horror of working from home

I had longer discussions about the benefits and challenges of working from home or remotely with many investors, founders, mothers and fathers over the past weeks.

As the shift to digital work began to accelerate at lightning speed, much of the discussion was focused on the nuts and bolts: how to set up video conferencing, chat collaboration tools, and digital conference spaces.

After a few weeks, the conversation has now shifted more towards what I’d call “second order problems” — once the hygiene problems have been solved, we need to deal with a range of (undesired) consequences that stand in…

A new dawn and an old divide…

Work After Covid-19: An Opportunity

In the light of Covid-19, many of us try to see beyond the crisis and hardship, instead focusing on possible opportunities that might arise once we have defeated the virus. Working in Venture Capital, my job is to observe technologies and make sense of how, through the force of a visionary founder and the circumstances of our time, they might turn into something outstanding in the future. While in the short term the coronavirus outbreak diverts attention from new innovative opportunities and towards an inside view of one’s organisation and vulnerabilities, I believe…

With 2019 forming the end as well as the beginning of a new decade, I have been reviewing the machine learning investments we at La Famiglia have made over the past years. As the turn of the year provides an opportunity for reflection, I have summarised general trends, new frontiers and limitations, as well as three methodologies for framing the commercial potential of machine learning in the wild.

I) General Trends

A year ago, KDNuggets summarised ML in 2018 as “the year of refinement” with “low hanging fruits having been plucked” and media pushing “overblown fears” of the omnipotence of…

In my home country Germany, privacy is important. This country has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world, and for good reason. Germany has gone through two regimes of mass surveillance in less than 100 years, first in the Third Reich and then in the GDR. The dark history of systematic spying and drastic curtailing of personal freedom is not only taught in every German school, it still lives on in our collective memory. So, when Facebook became big in Germany about ten years ago, many of my friends signed up with fantasy names like “Laura Red” or…

A few days ago, I attended a female founders event in Berlin, an initiative driven by a growing number of wonderful women in Venture Capital, aiming to better connect female founders with female VCs. The panel discussion by senior VC professionals focussed on the best approach to fundraising. All Partners shared their honest experiences and gave very useful tips to the women in the audience.

However, one thing baffled me: Much of the advice to female founders was focussed on networking, more specifically seeking out shared connections on Linkedin between your favourite VCs and your own network, as well as…

Judith Dada

VC in Berlin

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